The Wolf Time

by The Contradiction

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【 𝔸 𝔹 𝕆 𝕌 𝕋 】

When all the stars will extinguish and the darkness will prevail…

There was a prophecy about times when the Infinete Serpent will go off his tail and swallow all the stars ever known to men. About the age of a fearful longing, when brothers will forget each other and mothers will abandon their infants to their wyrd. About an era of dreadful injustice and absolute obscuration which will be left unsung by skalds for their own sake. Then the All-Father will be in need of every single man able to hold their shields. Then He will be in need of his most loyal and fierce son, the Great Wolf, for the final battle is at the door. The Emperor of Mankind and Wolf King will fight all evil in this battle, side by side, to reclaim the right for existence for whole humanity.

This prophecy came true… Partly. Mankind already felt the triumph of darkness, but there is still no sight of the Wolf King.

Will he ever come back?

Should not he be here now, when the Wolf Time is about to begin?


released June 14, 2019

【 𝕊 𝕌 ℙ ℙ 𝕆 ℝ 𝕋 】

【 ℂ ℝ 𝔼 𝔻 𝕀 𝕋 𝕊 】

Composing: Nikita Tarassenko
Lyrics: Nikita Tarassenko
Cover art: Maksym Vulchyn & Jáchym Belcher
Sound: Kyrill Konyaev (0db Productions)

Special thanks to:
Jáchym Belcher, Egor Erushin, Jana Grossmanova, Inna Vulchina, Daria Skornyakova, Grigory Ermakov, Anton Vanchicky, Maksim Dyba, Sergey Lesnoy, Danil Fomin, Gleb Karpenko, Maks Chatskiy, Vladimir Sergeev, Sergey Lesnoy, Artem Malygin, Ilya Malyukov, Alina Bringova, Anton Voyteh, Alexander Uvarov, Alexander Markelov, Alexandra Igonina, Mihail Gladarenko, Sergey Shapovskiy, Stanislav Roshyupkin, Stanislav Pozharnitskiy, Ruslan Baryshev, Alex Ross, Egor Rusakov, Oleg Zheretscev, Ryoko Kuznetsov, Gresskar Blacker, Nikolay Zhanzhakov, Alexander Lekhtinen, Igor Guley, Dmitriy Kaydanovskiy, Egor Gavrilov, Svetlana Petku, Nikita Babuleh, Ilya Fadeev, Kirill Santanov, Aleksey Tokarev, Kirill Gavrilov, Anna Verhoshentseva, Ruslan Ziyatdinov, Albert Faizulin, Evgeniy Lesnoy, Vasiliy Kryuchkov, Sayonara Asahi, Galina Akmaeva, Marina Grigoroshuk, Daniil Smoker, Max Lyskovich, Eugeniy Miroshnichenko, Michael Frolov, Tonya Dziubenko, Asya Margaryan, Nikita Tarasenko, Viktoriya Korolyova, Diyar, Semion Nenashev, Anastasia Astrowich, Irina Levshina, Yaroslav Protchenko, Nansi Som, Michael Free.

You are all truly wonderful. Have a good one.


all rights reserved



The Contradiction Prague, Czechia

Progressive arab metal from Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, dedicated to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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Track Name: The Wolf Time
【 𝕃 𝕐 ℝ 𝕀 ℂ 𝕊 】

Близится рок
Боль и страданье
Смоет всё то
Чем я так дорожил

Погаснет маяк
Хранящий секреты
Последний людской оплот

Мне не спастись
Смерть - моё время
Не ждите меня
Час Волка настал!

Прости меня, брат
Мы ошибались
За это нас всех ждёт
Вечная тьма!

The doom is nigh
Pain and suffering
Will wash away
Everything I loved

The Beacon of Secrets
Will extinguish
The last humanity's stronghold
Will fall

There is no espace
Death is my burden
Don't wait for me
The Wolf Time is now!

Forgive me, brother
We were wrong
For all we've done
The Void awaits us!

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