"Red Cyclops" (feat. Sergey Raev, ex​-​Shokran)

by The Contradiction

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FLESH MECHANIC Deathcore injected with djent. The instrumental parts are well made and it's not all just a generic chugging, solos have an oriental vibe and vocals are brutal, yet still somewhat audible. And yes, there is a breakdown. If you like groove in your metal, this is your weapon of choice. Favorite track: Red Cyclops (feat. Sergey Raev, ex-Shokran).


+++ ABOUT +++

The Red Cyclops just get mad. Do you seriously think you can control him now?

This track is the controversion of our earliest single, "The Crimson King". If previous one was dedicated to Magnus the Red before the Horus Heresy and before he was corrupted by Chaos, so here and now he is totally wasted because of his destroyed home and dead sons.
Desperation, melancholy and hunger for justice - this is what Red Cyclops now made of. And he will never changes untill he gets what He deserves...

+++ STARRING +++

Maxim Vulchin - Magnus the Red (Red Cyclops)
Sergey Raev - Leman Russ.


released January 1, 2017

+++ CREDITS +++

Music & lyrics by Nikita Tarassenko.
Guest vocal by Sergey Raev.
Sound by Andrey Olshevsky (Space Production)
Artwork by Pavel Kurbanov and Maxim Vulchin.



all rights reserved


The Contradiction Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Oriental/progressive metal from Czech Republic & Kazakhstan.

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Track Name: Red Cyclops (feat. Sergey Raev, ex-Shokran)
Now I can see... the...
SUN! It doesn't fade away anymore
I!.. wish I could have it all at the moment, when...
MY!.. beloved ones brought to me a torment of realising the
TIME me and my sons wasted for these monsters...

...And their false God!

Their Emperor-God!

The truth is always on the surface,
No need to dig so deep for it
Just listen to the voices of wisdom
As the Crimson King did! (x2)

BLAME your filthy dogs for waking up the beast in me
FACE me in challenge NOW, whoever you are!
SHAME on everyone, who killed my sons
FLAME is the only cure for your rotten souls

The truth is always on the surface,
No need to dig so deep for it
Just listen to the voices of wisdom
As the Crimson King did..

Don't be a fool
My fallen brother!
This is not a time for demands!

You're a defective creation
Of our dear All-Father
Now your destiny is in our hands!

/// /// Stop crying, come here and accept your punishment, just as our Emperor commands! His faithful wolves won't wait forever, and if you will not surrender - we will gladly come for you! \\\ \\\


I won't follow your pitiful lead
I won't listen and I won't bilieve
I am totally out of control
'Cause I saw you've burned my home
So don't hope for my mercy now
My revenge will destroy even stars
From this moment I'm bringing this vow
To return what once was OURS!