Legion: The Rise

by The Contradiction

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Termite Crusader
Termite Crusader thumbnail
Termite Crusader The best I've heard, very atmospheric and brutal. All songs beginning from
"A Piece of the East" are equally gorgeous. Thank you for all that you do .

P.S. Vam jrat' nechego , a vi al'bom na halyavu otdaete , slishkom dobrie . Favorite track: Corvidae Cult (feat. Dmitry Demyanenko of Shokran).
Klas Š.
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Klas Š. I'm no big W4K fan, so for me The Contradiction is simply a good specimen of oriental metal. I follow them since A Piece of The East, and they've certainly improved technically during these years. Keep rockin'! Favorite track: Corvidae Cult (feat. Dmitry Demyanenko of Shokran).
Vladyslav Tsarenko
Vladyslav Tsarenko thumbnail
Vladyslav Tsarenko This album is a high-quality product, that perfectly combines an interesting, well-composed music and a good concept, which is very different from most other bands. If you know Warhammer 40k universe, you will probably feel it here. If you don't, you will appreciate an awesome groove metal mixed with oriental music. Welcome to Tizca is my personal favourite. Don't forget, by buying the album you will inspire the guys to make some new cool tracks! Favorite track: Welcome to Tizca, the City of Light.


Whole this EP is dedicated to the Thousand Sons legion from dark-sci-fi-fantasy setting Warhammer40k. If you can not percieve this instrumental music and associate it with this theme, you would rather listen to something else and somewhere else.

This entire record was an awesome and dificult experience for us, but now we can finally say "IT IS OVER!". New songs are hard AF, old are remastered and sounds now much better! We spent a lot of time, money and health to end this magical journey, so we hope you'll get some emotions after listening this.

For such little price you can download not just a music, but photos of band, logotypes, high-resolution artworks and "scetches" of the earliest versions of songs from EP in GTP5 format.

Thank you!


released August 1, 2016

Composed by Nikita Tarassenko and Bogdan Ahmedov.
Sound produced by Andrey Olshevsky (Space Production)
Artwork by Pavel Kurbanov.

Special thanks to Veronika Yeremeeva, Vladislav Tsarenko, Anton Rybiy, Roman Dyumin, Dmitry Demyanenko, Alibek Aul'bekov, Stanislav Pozharnitsky, Valeria Zakharova, BeserkerBooth, Ika Chan, Samuel D. Smith, WH40K: Sacratus Obscurus, Sergey Sokolov, Nikki Kiedis, our moms and dads.



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The Contradiction Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Oriental/progressive metal from Czech Republic & Kazakhstan.

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Track Name: The Crimson King (feat. Alibek Aul'bekov of Northern Ocean)
I can not see...
... the...
... SUN!

It faded away
As soon as I tried to touch it
In attempt to warn them all
In attempt to save from...


It's spreading everywhere!
You will never win it without me!
They will never learn a secrets I know,
And they can not kill what doesn't...

... DIE!

Have defied
The orders I took from my
Godlike Father...

You can not blame me!
You can not slay me!
We can defeat our enemy at once!

I want to fight for you,
I want to know the clue
Please don't be so foolish and
Send the wolfs away!

My sons are ready to fight
To proof they're best of all your knights
My pyramids are ready to fly
To unleash disaster and show their might

Don't be so ignorant
And stop to judge the innocent!